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Sake and Sushi

Sake – Hot or Cold?

When you are at your favorite sushi restaurant and the question is asked Sake? Hot or Cold? Do you know how to answer?  I didn’t.  However I have discovered more information on Sake than you may ever need, but next time you are in your favorite sushi restaurant ( local reviews coming!) you will know how to answer!

The taste of Japanese “sake”  made warm or hot,  will become deeper, and the taste differs from that of  “sake” consumed at room temperature. Also, as the temperature  increases, the effect of the alcohol also increases, and the taste becomes drier. Warm or hot “sake” is ideal for food flavored with soy sauce such as “sushi”.  As a generality warm “sake” is suited to cold and plain foods, and hot “sake” is suited to dishes and foods made with a lot of oil and fat.

For a quick “Sake” and “Sushi” dinner at home,  pick up your favorite take out “Sushi” and pick up a bottle of my favorite “sake” Hakutsuru Sake. Warm the “sake” in hot water. The time standard for the best warm or hot “sake” is made with boiled water of about 98 degrees C (208 degrees F). Leave the “sake” in the bottle in the hot water for about 2 to 2.5 minutes, then serve!


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