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Town House Restaurant

Warm Bordeauz Punch

Town House

132 East Main Street

Chilhowie, Virignia


Executive Chefs John B. Shields and Karen Urie Shields

Town House, Chilhowie Restaurant is my first review for several reasons. Town House stands alone in food class. I am not a regular guest and suspect this is true for many of you. Let’s explore why such an exclusive restaurant may not be for everyone.

Town House Chef’s John and Karen Shield offer an experience that enhances the very best “togetherness” food and wine offer.  Town House is best approached as an experience and an opportunity to taste cuisine that cannot be found in our region or even near. As you eat the very small portions, you must remember this as you will be disappointed, or washing dishes, when the $175-$300 bill arrives.

The event “Christmas in Bordeaux, a four course dinner, with two wine pairings (per course), was worth the price of admission ($125) per person. The opportunity to taste the  wine paired expertly by Katherine Rose of Wines of Distinction, Abingdon, Virginia, and Sommelier Charlie Berg greatly enhanced the experience.  As the small restaurant was sold out, we were not alone. In case you are not sure and most are not, Bordeaux is any wine produced in the Bordeaux region of France. 88% of wine produced in Bordeaux is red, with sweet white wines, dry wines, rose and sparkling making up the remainder.

The Experience: A warm punch Bordeaux punch was a perfect beginning, followed by braised stem of broccoli (brie, pistachio, roasted apples, parsley), bay scallop (pork belly, bitter grapefruit, reduction of saffron, whole roasted pineapple (duck foie gras, bay leaf, quinoa, honey) and fallen soufflé (red wine, sweet spices, toasted chestnut).

Katherine Rose of Wines of Distinction gave individual explanations of the Bordeaux . These wines can be found at her shop, but you will not find them in the supermarket. Prices range as you can imagine, but some can be purchased around $17.

My favorite pairing came with dessert. The 2004 Chateau Margaux ‘Pavillon rouge,’ Margaux enhanced the ginger in the fallen soufflé sorbet magnificently.   As you follow along you will see this does always happen, so a magnificent pairing is not so common.

Fallen Souffle

We all know wine enhances the flavor of food, but I have left  dinners in my pre-sensual palate days, still trying to figure out how the wine recommended had actually enhanced anything but my bill.  I choose my own wines and you can learn too, just follow my blog.

The service was slightly less attentive than expected, but adequate.Town House is out of the price range and palate pleasure for many, but those who want a special experience in the food world, go forth and taste.


Rating 5 out of 5

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