Cool, refined and savory food content.

Hi, my name is Cathy Coale and I’m a food blogger and amateur photographer dedicated to helping you find the best our limited region has to offer in food. I live in Southwest Virginia with my husband, Jeff (my inspiration), two dogs and a cat.

I have developed my palate to know the difference in edible and outstanding food flavors. You can do the same; just follow along as we explore the best our region has to offer.

Over the years I have prepared many recipes from the Internet in disappointment. Ingredients are expensive and I will only publish my own creations, or from reliable sources.

If you are interested in which restaurant is worth spending your money and time, or which wine that you can actually purchase at local supermarkets, then you are have come to the right blog.

Thanks to my husband, Jeff for his gentle critiques, and many thanks to my dog, Puppy who has happily eaten all my failures!

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